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Concerts and thunder of antique guns will take place in Vilnius on Sunday to mark the anniversary of the victory at the Battle of Orsha


On 8 September the National Museum of Lithuania, the Freedom TV and the Lithuanian Armed Forces will invite Vilnius residents and guests to celebrate the victory at the Battle of Orsha on Vilnius bastion hill, also known as Barbican. Weaponry expositions, debates, concerts, thundering of antique guns and special fireworks will be held to commemorate the legendary battle between the armies of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Grand Duchy of Moscow, which took place 505 years ago and ended in the victory of Lithuanians.


“The Battle of Orsha revealed the military potential of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, highlighted the prospects of military cooperation with the Kingdom of Poland and was significant for the history of military art: for the first time different branches of service – cavalry, infantry and artillery – were fighting jointly,”- says Minister of National Defence Raimundas Karoblis, who will be attending the event and congratulating those gathered at the Barbican to celebrate one of the largest victories of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania against the army of the Duchy of Moscow.


The historical sources emphasize that artillery played a key role in the activities of the Battle of Orsha that took place around 8 September 1514. In celebration of the victory, historic guns will make 21 shot, also artillery guns and machine guns will dominate in the exhibition of modern armed forces.


Remembering the traditions of the ceremonial march of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania to Vilnius, the Lithuanian Armed Forces Orchestra will lead the festive procession from the Gate of Dawn to the Barbican Hill. The event commemorating the victory will also include discussions, a performance by the Lithuanian Armed Forces Orchestra, a concert by music groups “Bix” and “Žalvarinis” and the big band of the National Defense Volunteer Forces with soloist Jurgis Brūzga.


Orsha Battle Commemoration Program, 8 September, Vilnius, Barbican Hill


16.00 - Beginning of the event. Exhibition of modern and historical weaponry and equipment of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. Participants: Kaunas Vytautas the Great War Museum, Gediminas Staff Battalion of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Military History Club Medieval Envoys

17.00 – 18.00 - Discussions on the stage. Participants: well-known public figures, historians

18.00 - Beginning of the procession from the Gate of Dawn to the Barbican Hill, performance by the Lithuanian Armed Forces Orchestra

19.00 - Exhibition program of the Guard of Honor Company, greetings, shooting from antique guns (stage at the Barbican)

19.30 - Concert by the Lithuanian National Defense Forces big band with Jurgis Brūzga

20.25 – Concert by “Žalvarinis”

21.45 - Concert by BIX

22.00 – Festive fireworks


Booklet about the Orcha Battle in 1514


Photos by Alfredas Pliadis – episodes from the event held in Vilnius to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Orsha

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