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Vice Minister of National Defence V. Umbrasas on a formal visit to the United States


On September 9–11 Vice Minister of National Defence Vytautas Umbrasas and a formal delegation will be conducting a visit to the United States of America. Vice Minister V. Umbrasas will attend an event organised by the German Marshal Fund and the Ministry of Defence of Latvia and meetings in the Congress, also, the meeting of secretaries of U.S. and Nordic-Baltic ministries of defence and memorial observance of September 11 at the Pentagon.


The meetings are expected to address further defence cooperation of Lithuania and the U.S. , Lithuanian officials are planned to see representatives of the U.S. Department of Defence, Department of State, and the Congress.


Vice Minister of National Defence V. Umbrasas is returning to Lithuania on September 12.


The U.S. commitments to regional security, military presence and visibility in Lithuania and the region is one of the most essential assurances of the security and stability of Lithuania. The United States is implementing wide-ranging measures of deterrence in the Baltic region in support of NATO efforts and according to a bilateral principle. The U.S. was the first ally to deploy air defence reinforcement – additional fighter aircraft and personnel for persistent presence in the Baltic states when the security situation changed in the region and Europe in spring 2014. U.S. soldiers are deployed to train in military exercises and other military cooperation events in Lithuania, the United States also leads the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group Poland as part of the efforts to the strengthen the Alliance’s eastern border.


Defence cooperation of Lithuania and the United States gathered additional pace with the signature of a cooperation agreement in January 2017. The agreement reiterates both nations’ commitments to work side by side to strengthen the NATO alliance, increase the European security, and fight global security threats.


Photo credits: Giedrė Maksimovicz (MoD archive)

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