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Kaunas will host the seventh international military medicine conference


On 29-30 September the Kaunas Military Garrison Officers' Club will host the 7th international military medicine conference under the theme of "Urgent Military Medicine Aspects in a Modern NATO Transformation Period".

During the conference, reports will focus on health care related problems and application of modern treatment methods, medical civil-military co-operation and host nation support, aspects of military medical personnel training. Experience gained by military medical personnel in international missions will also be shared among the participants during the conference.


During the event, there will be reports given by Romanian representatives who will dwell upon "Medical assistance principles in the event of mass injuries" and will discuss new developments of military personnel training in Romania. Danish colleagues will speak about reforms in organisational structures of medical services in Denmark, US medical specialists will share their experience in the area of aeromedical evacuation and preparation for transport of the injured, while representatives from the Czech Republic will focus on control of zymotic diseases outbreak. Swedish medical specialists are expected to give reports on the influence of physical training to traumas received by military personnel; and Slovaks will dwell upon psychological mission during missions.


The conference will involve over than 200 military medical personnel and representatives from civil health care institutions. The event will be attended by specialists from Denmark, Estonia Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, and the US.


The conference will be organised by Military Medical Service of the Lithuanian Armed Forces and Kaunas Medical University.


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