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Air policing mission in the Baltic States to be taken over by Dutch troops


On Thursday, 31 March a rotation of NATO forces engaged in an air-policing mission in the Baltic States is scheduled to take place.

Norwegians troops who are completing their mission in Lithuania will be replaced by troops from the Dutch Royal Air Force. The first two out of four Dutch aircraft fighters F-16 landed at Zokniai on 30 March. On 31 March, the second pair of the Dutch fighters will land at the Lithuanian Air Forces Base in Zokniai, where a mission handover ceremony  is also scheduled to take place. 


The rotation ceremony will be attended by Chief of General Staff of the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence, Brigadier General Vitalijus Vaiksnoras, Commander of the Lithuanian Air Force, Colonel Jonas Marcinkus, Commander of the Norwegian Royal Air Force, Major General Arnvid Brage Lųvbukten, Commander of the Lithuanian Air Force Airbase, Lieutenant Colonel Artūras Balynas.


Four Norwegian officers who are completing mission in Lithuania will be conferred on commemorative medals of the Lithuanian Air Force. The medals will be conferred on Commander the Norwegian Detachment, Colonel Ingard Moe, Major Martin Tesli, Captains Eirik Lundemo and Hans Magnussen.


The Dutch contingent consisting of some 50 troops will be deployed for a three-month mission at Zokniai Airbase. After three months in July the Dutch Air Force detachment will be replaced by German Air Force pilots.



2010-06-29 23:11

Eirik Lundemo

I never recieved the medal in News achive (2005-03). If the medal was presented on the rotation ceremony I unfortenatly was not present. Since the medal from your country means a lot after spending time there I hope to recieve it some time.
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