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Lithuanian Special Operations Unit completes exercise


    The Lithuanian Special Operations Unit ended on Friday a large training session that involved neutralization of mock terrorist groups and release of hostages on land and at sea.
      The Lithuanian Defense Ministry said that the Aug. 31-Sept. 15 exercise was attended by all five SOU elements - troops of SOU headquarters, Special Operations Service, Vytautas the Great Jaegers Battalion, the Naval Submarine Actions Team and helicopters of the Air Force Special Operations Force, as well as representatives of the Military Police.
      The training took place in several training grounds of the Lithuanian army and water area of the Klaipeda State Seaport. Several squadrons operated during the exercise, with actions coordinated by the Joint Special Operations Center.
      Under the training scenario, a part of the forces was dispatched to a simulated NATO Response Force outside Lithuania, while the other part operated "inside Lithuania." The exercise included simulated operations of hostage release and terrorist detention, which involved helicopters and combat boats.
      The training intervention operations were held on passenger ships of various sizes in Lithuania, while the hostages were freed from an allegedly hijacked aircraft in one of Lithuania's military airports.

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