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Lithuanian and Swedish Undersecretaries for Defence met in Vilnius


On 31 January Renatas Norkus, Undersecretary for International Relations and Defence Policy of MoND met with his Swedish counterpart Director of Defence Ministry Policy Johan Raeder.


During the meeting Undersecretary R.Norkus and J.Raeder discussed participation of Lithuania and Sweden in international operations, defensive cooperation of Nordic and Baltic countries, relations of NATO and EU, NATO partnership policy, and other issues.


According to R.Norkus, despite not being a NATO member Sweden actively contributes to NATO initiatives, and consulting and sharing experience is highly important as positions of Lithuania and Sweden generally coincide on international policy objectives and tasks.


Sweden as well as Lithuania takes part in International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) operations and has taken up the lead of Afghanistan province of Mazar-e-Sharif Reconstruction Team (PRT), a constituent part of NATO ISAF operation. Sweden participates in NATO Kosovo Force (KFOR) operations in the province of Kosovo and the European Union led ”Altea" operation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania also takes part in both operations.


Lithuania and Sweden closely cooperate in military and defence fields: the staffs of both countries draft annual plans of bilateral cooperation, high-ranking representatives and experts continually exchange visits.


Sweden has supported many Lithuanian Army armament projects - Land Forces received infantry, engineering and staff armaments and technique; Air Defence Battalion received anti-aircraft armaments (anti-aircraft guns, tactical command and control radars); Sweden also helped Lithuania create sea and coastline surveillance system, passed over and helped install radars for low-flying object location; under the Medical Baltic Unit (BALTMED) Project Sweden assisted Lithuania in establishing medical healthcare centres, handed over necessary equipment, and also supported other projects.


Starting with 1999 Sweden provides financing for training of Lithuanian military and civil personnel in Swedish military training schools, and supports NATO Baltic Defence College (BALTDEFCOL) work by sending Swedish teachers.

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