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Georgian Field Force Commander on visit to Lithuania


Georgian Army Land Force Commander Colonel Lieutenant Alexander Osepashvili and his delegation will be visiting Lithuanian Army Land Force Staff and in other military divisions from May 28 to 31.


Field Force Commander Brigadier-General Arvydas Pocius received the guests and extensively introduced the development of Lithuanian Land Force to them. He said that the delegation will be informed about military structure and objectives of Lithuania as NATO member as the extension of military cooperation of Lithuanian and Georgian military forces that has been launched in 2001.


During the visit high Georgian officials will have the opportunity to find out the ways Lithuanian Armed Forces prepared for NATO integration, the infrastructures that had to be established, reforms of military training and preparation that had to be implemented, and the procedures that had to be adopted from the NATO countries. Currently Georgia has taken the road of democratic development and national government has given military forces the goal of preparing for NATO membership, that is why closer acquaintance with the integration experience of Lithuania is very useful for the Georgians. By way of bilateral cooperation Lithuania has already rendered the Georgian officers a lot of information in the fields of logistics and liaisons.


Georgian representatives will also visit the Motorised Infantry Brigade ”Iron Wolf" in the Grand Duke of Lithuania Algirdas Mechanised Infantry Battalion in Rukla, the Training Platoon stationed nearby, and the Reconnaissance School.


Georgia will send its representatives as observers to international exercise ”Amber Hope 2007" due to take place in Lithuania in June.


Lithuania has its military attaché accredited to Georgia, two officers serve as military observers in the UN mission and one officer attends Border Protection Training Programme.




Danguole Bickauskiene (Field Force Headquarters), tel. 278 5094, 8 686 06 265.

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