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Lithuanian donation will allow the Ghowr province police operate and make decisions more efficiently


On May 28 Lithuanian Special Mission in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan handed over tactical radio stations with equipment to the Ghowr police. The donation consisted of 35 sets of car transceivers ”Motorola" GM 300, and 130 portable radios ”Motorola" GP340 with battery rechargers.


Police of Ghowr have never had tactical radios before. Policemen could not contact each other if they left for remote regions, it was also impossible to transmit information from the crime scene in order to coordinate actions and consequently policemen felt unsafe and avoided going to far-off regions. The donated radios will allow the policemen escape these setbacks and perform their functions more efficiently.


As the province has no electricity supply 15 petrol ”Honda" generators and 30 automobile accumulators were given to the police to recharge batteries and ensure continuos functioning of the radios.


Assignment of the radio equipment and other items of the sets was signed by the police advisor of the Lithuanian Special Mission Sergej Kiricenko and chief of Ghowr police General Shah Jahan Noori.


Tactical radio stations were bought on the funds of the Lithuanian Government at the price of approximately 70 thousand dollars.


Commander of the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT-5) Colonel Dalius Polekauskas took part in the handover ceremony. He stressed that cooperation between the PRT and provincial police as well as strengthening capabilities of the local police are the PRT's priorities in building security environment and stability in the province.


Police advisor of the Special Mission S.Kiricenko said he hoped that the radios will facilitate the job of Ghowr police, i.e. help to ensure security of the province people more successfully, facilitate coordination of activity, decision-making, and increase efficiency of the police.


Lithuanian Special Mission and the PRT closely cooperate with the Ghowr police since the beginning of the PRT mission by arranging exercises and courses as well as by donating means and devices necessary for police work. Lithuanian Special Mission has already handed over donations of criminology and computer equipment, and the PRT - of motorcycles, blankets and handcuffs.


Chief of Ghowr police General Shah Jahan Noori thanked the Special Mission and the PRT commander for their support and care. He said that the donation was an important contribution and that it would really step up the quality of police work.


The donated radios will be brought to the regional police departments by the PRT-5 troops during patrols.


PIO for PRT-5 First Lieutenant Vida Urbonaite

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