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President V.Adamkus sent congratulations to Lithuanian military on missions abroad

President of the Republic of Lithuania V.Adamkus sent Christmas greetings for Lithuanian soldiers on missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kosovo in a videoconference on December 22. Telecommunication equipment was installed at the office of the President.

”Even though we are separated by thousands of kilometres, let's feel our selves together. In international conferences I hear many words of thanks for the job you are doing in maintaining peace and stability. You are fulfilling your duties honourably likewise doing honour to Lithuania and its people. Modern technologies allow us reach each other in the most remote places of the world. Using this opportunity I would like to give you a sincere thanks and wish a merry Christmas on behalf of all the people of Lithuania. We look forward to seeing you back home," President V.Adamkus said.

Country leader was interested how soldiers celebrate holidays, whether they would be able to take part in seasonal events, what were service conditions and technical possibilities to contact their relatives.

In return soldiers wished the President of Lithuania good health, strength and luck.

Currently there are about 200 soldiers, public officials and officers serving in Afghanistan - in Ghowr PRT and Special Operations Unit Aitvaras, 52 soldiers serve in Iraq and 33 - in the Balkan region.

Televisions willing to obtain recordings of the videoconference should contact the President's Press Service, phone 8 5 2664169 or e-mail [email protected].

President's Press Service

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