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ISAF leadership visited Lithuanian Ghowr PRT


Lithuanian-led Ghowr PRT-6 was visited by ISAF Commander Gen. Dan K. Mcneill and Commander of Regional Command West Brig. Gen. Francesco Arena, April 29.


The first to arrive Brig. Gen. Francesco Arena viewed facilities of the PRT-6 camp, heard introduction on the camp structure, tasks, achievements, and planned changes. When the delegation was joined by Gen. Dan K. Mcneill, the guests left for Chaghcharan to see objects in the capital established by joint effort of Lithuanian development cooperation and international support organisations.


The guests visited Civilian Personnel Training Centre, opened quite recently as a result of cooperation of Lithuanian Special Mission and the United States Agency for International Development. Lithuania provides financing for computer literacy, English language and leadership courses. Later the delegation proceeded to Chaghcharan public library opened on Lithuanian funding. According to the Head of Culture and Information Department Mohammad Sarvar Azad, the library is daily visited by 50-60 people.


ISAF Commander with delegation also visited Chaghcharan boy secondary school dormitory and talked to pupils about their problems and views on other projects in Chaghcharan. General expressed delight that a great part of boys were planning to join Afghan National Forces or seek jobs in the country's administration.


After the visit Gen. Dan K. Mcneill thanked PRT-6 Commander Col. Albertas Kondrotas and soldiers for excellent service and provincial reconstruction efforts, and assured further support of the forces in his command.


PIO for PRT-6 Capt. Tomas Balkus

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