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Problems of provincial departments and perspectives of provincial development discussed in Chaghcharan


April 4, CIMIC Department of PRT-8 organised a meeting with directors of departments of the province. Representatives of 15 driving departments of Ghowr were present in the meeting.


In the meeting members of PRT military unit and the Special Mission of the Republic of Lithuania represented activities of Chaghcharan PRT and projects financed, developed and completed by Lithuania in the province. Later participants of the meeting proceeded to projects that yet could be launched in the province, and discussed problems encountered by provincial departments.


”Our main purpose while maintaining relations with local government is enhancing security in the province; the other task – projects of provincial development coordinated by our civilian unit. However, success of these projects is highly dependent on the contribution and efforts you, the departments, are making, because it is you who have direct contact and influence on the people of Ghowr,” said Commander PRT-8 Col. Vytautas Reklaitis while addressing the gathering.


Concluding his speech, Commander PRT-8 expressed his delight in successful proceedings of the registration of inhabitants completed in autumn and the fact which it entailed – that presidential elections would also follow a due course. The Commander emphasised how important it was that people of Ghowr realised that they were capable of electing a government to represent their interests properly.


Deputy Head of Lithuanian Special Mission Andrius Purvaneckas later added that Lithuania is putting efforts to embed the principle in the international space that even safer provinces like Ghowr should attract considerable attention of international community.


Adviser for development cooperation of the Lithuanian Special Mission Justina Jakavonyte made an account for officials of Ghowr about the development cooperation projects completed under Lithuania's financing, and represented prospective projects. ”From the year 2006 Lithuania has been allocating financial resources to implement education, healthcare, good governance, infrastructure development projects, and strengthening of cultural ties in Ghowr. Various development cooperation projects in the province are also implemented under financing of the European Commission, the USA, Japan, Iceland, and governments of other allies. Fundraising for development projects from various international donors will remain Lithuania's priority in the future as cooperation of central Afghan Government and international community and sharing of responsibility are crucial for implementation of major projects, such as building road infrastructure and reconstruction of Chaghcharan Airport,” said development cooperation advisor of Lithuanian Special Mission.


In the meeting heads of provincial departments addressed critical problems they were facing in their daily jobs. Head of Department of Rural Advance and Development Affairs emphasized lack of qualified personnel, especially engineers, to be sent to districts of the province, give precise problem estimation and draft propositions for infrastructure development. Director of Education Department expressed his joy that situation in education sector was gradually improving but he reminded that there were still many schools in Ghowr short of facilities. The officer thanked PRT for finding an efficient short-term solution – donated tents for open-air schools.


”For 30 years our country was torn by wars and turmoil, and I doubt that another 30 years will be enough to restore the damage done. If you are able to pull down a house in one day, it does not mean that you will be able to rebuild it in the following. Therefore all of us must do our best to reconstruct our province with assistance of Lithuanian PRT”, said Director of Religious Affairs Department Mohammed Shah Majidi. He pointed out absence of electricity supply in the province and miserable conditions of roads as the main problems standing in the way of provincial development. Heads of many other departments upheld his opinion.


At the moment affairs in Ghowr are managed by 34 departments directly subordinate to ministries based in Kabul, capital of Afghanistan. Some specific activities of the departments are coordinated by the Governor's Office. Shortage of qualified personnel is the major problem departments in Ghowr are facing.


PIO for PRT-8 Lt. Karolis Zikaras

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