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Collective Lithuanian-Afghan patrolling continue



March 24, troops of the Afghan National Army (ANA) deployed in Ghor province conducted a joint patrol with the Lithuanian-led PRT ANA Training Team to a village settled near the Bayan mountain chain.


ANA troops handed over to locals items of humanitarian assistance, clothes and footwear. In a meeting with local representatives PRT and ANA commanders collected first-hand experiences of problems and needs of local people.


The ANA Training Team is manned by military instructors from across the fields of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, who deliver their knowledge and experience to local security personnel via training. The Training Team teaches ANA troops according to an established programme seeking not only to deliver their own knowledge and train local instructors but also to prepare ANA personnel for conducting operations independently without NATO’s assistance.


An Afghan national company was deployed in Ghor in January 2011. It is composed of maneuver units, a support unit and an EOD team, around 100 in total. The company was deployed in Ghor to ensure stable security situation in Ghor together with the Afghan National Police units.


Currently security in the province of Ghor is ensured by the 14th shift of the Lithuanian Armed Forces formed mainly by the 5th Territorial Unit of the NDVF Vytis Military District. The unit and the entire military contingent of the PRT is commanded by Commander of the 5th Territorial Unit of the NDVF Vytis Military District Col Eligijus Senulis.


Release by: PIO for PRT-14 1st Lt Tomas Pakalniškis


Photos by 1st Lt Tomas Pakalniškis

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