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Lithuanian military police officers have trained over 700 local policemen in Ghor


On October 18 troops and policemen of the Police Advisory Team (PAT) of the Lithuanian Armed Forces presented certificates of qualification to the instructors of the local Police Training Centre – six Afghan police non-commissioned officers and one officer - at the Afghan National Police (ANP) Headquarters of Ghor as a result of a nearly month-long evaluation period. The Police Advisory Team has trained more than 700 policemen since the beginning of operation in Ghor in autumn of 2010.


This was the last course the PAT has delivered to the ANP officers before the closure of its mission. During the two years in Afghanistan the PAT military and police personnel have also assisted the ANP in establishing a Police Training Centre, arranged qualification courses and training events for the provincial police, and provided consultations regarding their daily work. Lithuanian military also worked as mediators in the development of logistics and personnel-related projects, attended collective operations and joint patrols. At the Police Training Centre alone 11 Basic Patrol Courses, 3 Sergeant Courses have been held, airfield security specialists, bodyguards of the provincial Governor and other authorities have undergone training, several first medical aid training and refresher courses for the Provincial Response Company officers have been arranged.


When the service of the final PAT rotation ends, it will hand over the responsibility for training the local police officers to the Afghan National Police. Afghan policemen who have already been trained by the PAT will now organise courses and train their colleagues.


Shifts of the Lithuanian led mission were manned by the personnel of the Military Police of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Public Security Service under the Ministry of the Interior and troops of the Pennsylvania National Guard.


“Formal certification of the officers and award of the certificates is not only an excellent opportunity to finish our mission by a meaningful gesture but also a way to sum up and evaluate the two years spent in service in Ghor by the PAT instructors,” said Major Darius Bartaševičius, PAT Commander at the certificate award ceremony.


From September to October the PAT personnel were overseeing practical and theoretical sessions conducted by the personnel of the Afghan Police Training Centre and attended field exercises. During the sessions Lithuanian troops and officers evaluated the abilities of Afghan instructors to compile training schedules, syllabuses, prepare for training sessions, motivate their trainees, relate to the audience, and convey the knowledge in a methodological way. The Afghan officer were evaluated against the instructor criteria drawn by the PAT instructors, leadership of the ANP of Ghor, NATO Training Mission Afghanistan (NTM-A) and staff specialists of the Joint Headquarters of the Lithuanian Armed Forces.


“All the certified instructors have mastered the course material excellently and acquired sufficient practical skills to continue with the Training Centre’s activities independently”, said PAT instructor, officer of the Public Security Service Artūras Vaitiekus. Since late 2011 the PAT military personnel and officers focused on training the instructors for the Afghan Police Training Centre and on a successful transfer of the Centre’s activities onto the local police command.


The certificate award ceremony was attended by the command of the Afghan National Police of Ghor, personnel of the Police Training Centre, and police officers of the Response Company. In his address Chief of Police of Ghor Colonel Delawar Shach Delawar thanked the PAT for the professional performance of tasks while training local policemen and for the assistance rendered in the completion of police operations and to staff officers. “You came here as our counsellors and you are leaving as our closest friends”, said Col D. Shach Delawar presenting the Afghan national coats (called chapan in Afghanistan) to the Lithuanian military and officers.


Information by the Police Advisory Team


Photos from the MoD archive and by the PAT

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