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Data on aircraft and vessels identified near the borderline of the Baltic States of November 17-23, 2014


NATO aircraft on duty in the Baltic Air Policing Mission were scrambled four times from November 17 through 23.


The following aircraft were identified flying in international airspace space over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea in the vicinity of the Baltic States:


One SU-27 fighter jet of the Russian Federation with heavy armament which was flying with its on-board transponder off according to a flight plan filed in advance.


One IL-20 electronic reconnaissance aircraft of the Russian Federation which approach the borders of the Baltic States twice according to flight plans filed in advance and one – with no flight plan filed, it was not using its on-board transponder all the three times.


No incursions into the national airspace of the Republic of Lithuania have been identified.


Photo credit: Manfred Reudenbach (NATO AIRCOM)

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