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NATO Force Integration Unit to be inaugurated in Vilnius


On September 3 the NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) Lithuania will be activated at a ceremony in Vilnius.


This force integration unit, which began functioning in Lithuania in July, is one of the six NFIUS activated by NATO in Lithuania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Romania.


The establishment of these six NFIUs was agreed at the Wales Summit in 2014. The activation of the NFIUs is part of NATO's fundamental adaptation in the face of security challenges from the east and the south. NATO will take further steps at the Warsaw Summit and beyond.


The force integration units’ key mission is to facilitate the rapid deployment of the NATO Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) and additional rapid response elements into the Baltic region if needed.


The NFIUs will have a key role in planning, exercising, and assisting potential reinforcements, providing a vital link between national forces and multinational NATO forces.


The NFIU in Lithuania will operate as an intermediate unit facilitating interoperability among national and the region-deployed allied forces. It will also contribute to enhance allied training and exercises, and liaison with NATO’s operational commands.


Staff at the NFIU will cooperate with national forces to identify traffic junctions, key logistical and other necessary infrastructure in the country which will facilitate the quickest possible redeployment of NATO’s response forces into the region.


The NFIU in Vilnius will comprise roughly 40 military personnel, half of which will be provided by other allied nations. The international staff will comprise representatives from more than 10 NATO member states.


The NFIU in Lithuania is under command of Colonel (Danish Army) Jakob Søgård Larsen. Lieutenant Colonel (Lithuanian Land Force) Mindaugas Petkevičius is acting as second in command since August 1.


Note for the Media:


Media representatives willing to cover the event should obtain accreditation of the Strategic Communication and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of National Defence not later than by 2 September, 12.00 hrs. Please fill in the accreditation form, and send it along with enclosed copies of your media card and ID document at an email address: [email protected].


Please indicate ACCREDITATION in the subject of your email letter. Organisers of the event reserve the right to deny access to media representatives who apply for accreditation at the time later than indicated.

POC Viktorija Cieminytė, 00370 5 2785 208, 00370 698 11 340.


The confirmation of the accreditation will be replied to the email address received for the accreditation.


The programme for the media will be sent out as a separate press release.

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