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International assistance to Ukraine's defence reform discussed in Kyiv


On November 27-28 Chief of the Joint Staff of the Lithuanian Armed Forces Major General Vitalijus Vaikšnoras is conducting a visit in Ukraine to attend meetings of the Multinational Joint Commission on Defense Reform and Security Cooperation with Ukraine (MJC), a body responsible for coordination of international support to Ukraine’s military reform. The Multinational Joint Commission comprises representatives of Ukraine, U.S., UK, Canada, Poland, and Lithuania, and 13 subcommittees. Lithuania takes part in the work of the Subcommittees on the Land Force, Special Operations Forces, and Military Police, and head the Subcommittee on the NCO Reform.


The MJC meetings will address Ukraine’s ongoing defence and Armed Forces reform, assess the progress achieved, render recommendations to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, address plans for the future and coordinate joint assistance.


The Lithuanian Armed Forces provides assistance to the reforms of Ukraine, particularly in military training area. Lithuania’s military instructors have been contributing to the Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine, training of Ukraine’s Special Operations Forces and Military Police, and contributing actively to the NCO system reform since 2014 both separately and together with U.S., Canadian, British and Polish soldiers. Lithuania established a Military Training Operation Ukraine in July 2017 on account of increasing Lithuania’s involvement in the training of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The mandate of the operation allows deploying up to 60 Lithuanian soldiers to Ukraine to train members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2017-2019. Aside from that, Ukrainian military personnel is constantly invited to study at military education institutions of Lithuania – the Military Academy, Lithuanian Armed Forces School. Ukraine’s officers can also study at the Baltic Defence College on Lithuania’s funding, soldiers undergo different training courses in the Lithuanian Armed Forces’ units.


Currently, soldiers of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Butigeidis Dragoon Battalion are deployed to Ukraine as part of the U.S.-led Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine to help training an infantry company, an automatic grenade launchers platoon, snipers, and a battalion headquarters staff.


While in Kyiv, Maj Gen V. Vaikšnoras will meet with the Minister of Defence of Ukraine to discuss matters of relevance to both sides.


Photos: courtesy of the Ministry of Defence f Ukraine

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