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Vice-Minister of National Defence Vytautas Umbrasas


Vytautas Umbrasas


Vice-Minister of National Defence

Scope: defence policy, international cooperation at the national defence system, military service policy (military personnel policy), officer training and career, national defence system and state‘s host nation support, mobilisation, strategic communication and public relations, readiness for civil defence, cooperation with NGOs, Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union, and other associations and public institutions that directly contribute to strengthening the national defence system and civil readiness for defence, crisis management within the areas of responsibility of the Minister of National Defence, military and diplomatic protocol at the national defence system. 


Date and place date of birth

December 19, 1957, Molėtai distr., Kairionys village


Education Vilnius University, Faculty of History  

Work experience 




Vice Minister of National Defence




Advisor to the department of Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania  of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs



Minister Advisor, Consulat General of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaliningrad (2014-2015)



Vice Minister of National Defence for Defence Policy and International Relations




Advisor to the President of the Republic of Lithuania, representative to the Seimas and the Government



Advisor to the Minister of National Defence





Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania (Information Service of the Security Department; MP assistant; clerk for the Lithuanian Christian Democrats political group at the Seimas, head or organisational section of the Lithuanian Christian Democratic Party)



Research fellow, deputy director of the Lithuanian Ethnographic Open Air Museum





Community service 



2005 – 2006

Chair of the Atlantic Treaty Lithuanian Community

1998 - 2001

Board member of the Lithuanian Christian University


1988 - 1990



Member of the Seimas of the Reform Movement of Lithuania; establisher and board member of administration of the Institute of Democratic Policy  

1987 - 1995


Head of the Association for Lithuanian Culture Studies (Centre for Religious Studies and Research)  









Medal of Independence of Lithuania;

Commemorative signs of the President of the Republic of Lithuania for personal contribution to the development of Lithuania’s trans-Atlantic relations and person input into the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2013;

National Defence System of the Republic of Lithuania Commemorative Medal of Lithuania's Accession to NATO;

Medal Gloria Artis of the ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland;

National Defence System Medal for Meritorious Civilian Service;

Medal of the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union.


Foreign languages English, Russian  
Family Married  



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